Places I MUST Visit Before I Die

This is an ever evolving list of places that hold my fascination and make me want to be a world traveler, even though I am unlikely to be able to use the toilets there.

1    The Pyramids & Sphinx

        I have my own question for the Sphinx, and I need to ask before ISIL destroys the rest of the Sphinx!

2    Gotebo, OK

My Great Grandfather, Frances Marion Holt is buried here, but nobody has marked the grave


Gotebo City Liits


3    Pyongyang, North Korea

Just want to be able to say that I went there…

Juche Tower 

4    The Juan Fernandez Islands

The picturesque South-Pacific Island where Selkirk was marooned (the basis for Robinson Crusoe) and the sinking of the SMS Dresden. I learned about them from a completely random viewing of “Apocalypse Island,” an investigative documentary about some Mystery Islands were the Mayans had carved a giant snail, ingested drugs and pierced their penises, all to predict the 2012 Apocalypse that never happened.

5    Nagoya, Japan

        I want to attend a Chuinichi Dragons game at the Nagoya Dome

Home of the Chunichi Dragons

Home of the Chunichi Dragons

6    Gardner Island

        The most likely spot of Amelia Earharts crash and subsequent demise, it is a terrible place, but fascinating

Wreck of the Norwich City, Gardner Island

7    Churchill, Canada

The vacation that I have planned since 1985. Includes Cranberry Portage and Flin-Flon.

Just Chilli'n

Just Chilli’n

8    Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia

        Just one of the most spectacular vistas on the planet

9    Tierra del Fuego

10    McSorley’s Ale House, New York City

375px-McSorley's_Old_Ale_House_001_cropMcSorley’s Ales House in New York City. with my new found like of real beers (as opposed to the Buds, Coors and Millers) and the history of this place, it had to be added. Add to this that I discovered it through learning about the Ashcan School of American painting, and I had to replace the previous #10 with this one.


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