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I realize that I tend to run behind the times, but I had never seen the movie “Cars” until last night. I hadn’t bothered because there was really no reason for me to see it, but now that I have a 2+ year old little boy in my life who loves Mater and racecars, it seemed like the time to finally sit down with him and watch it.

After a quasi-depressing election evening (I turned it off at 6:36pm Pacific) I left for home and we loaded it into the DVD player and sat together on the couch (which he almost never does) to watch. From the get go he was captivated, and here’s the really weird thing, so was I.

For one hundred and sixteen minutes I was able to clear my brain of the election, the politics, the frustrations of work and finances and even my health and just get lost in a story that – for once – was only quasi-predictable and yet amazingly enjoyable. Ben was a little boy, jumping up and down during the exciting parts, playing with his own little cars during the love scenes and slower parts, but he stuck with it all the way to the end.

When it was done, he climbed up in my lap and said, “Again, Daddy!”

There’s more to racing, than just winning…


The Doctors Rant – Chevy Volt

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