And DeForest Kelly as Dr. McCoy

Dr. Leonard McCoy, Chief Medical Officer
USS Enterprise, NCC-1701

Using the wisdom, wit and the irascibility of my own inner Dr. McCoy, I look at both Star Trek and the world around me. Everything is fair game, from Science fiction to science fact, politics, technology, sports, my beloved Stockton Ports, culture, coffee, tequila, my dog and my religion. Even my family life.

In the 2nd Season of Star Trek TOS, the opening credits were changed to add Deforest Kelly. Here we celebrate the 2nd Season of Star Trek AND the genius of Dr. Leonard McCoy. The Second Season of Star Trek is considered by most experts (including this blog) to be the best one. Dr. McCoy came into his prime in the 2nd Season of Star Trek, everything from arguing for the societal evolution of the Feeders of Vaal, to being an engineer in a parallel universe to smack talking Spock while fighting off a Roman Gladiator and observing that Spock was more afraid to live than he was to die. Indeed one could – and this blog will – argue that Dr. Leonard McCoy Is the true star of Star Trek, showing us the lessons that not only apply to the 23rd Century, but right down to today’s world.

Dave and Ben

Dave Bowman, a/k/a Dave! Diamond, is a radio talk show host, father, baseball fan, football fan, avid reader and a frustrated writer. He has a passion for coffee and for tequila, and is a ToTaL Star Trek and Big Bang Theory geek.

He was born in Oklahoma, grew up in Colorado, graduated from Ogden High School in Ogden, UT, served for eleven years in the US Navy Submarine fleet, was a Naval Instructor and Ballistic Missile Fire Control Technician, achieving the rank of FTB1(SS) through sorcery and favoritism but would have been happy staying an FTB2(SS) for life.

He later attended Seminary in Atlanta, GA, then served as a pastor for five years before realizing the massive error of his ways. He then worked in non-Profit management until 2006 when he was hired to do sports for a local talk radio show, eventually moving into the host position in September of 2007. In January of 2015 he left the show to pursue actve unemployment and Mr. Mom nirvana.


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