My Books -vs- My Office

KT-slate-03-lg-v2._V370656498_So the house is a mess as I started building my Home Office/Studio late yesterday. I have rearranged my various homes and apartments numerous times in my life, but this time it’s proving to be a challenge. With a four year old who is NOT at all happy with change, and with the idea that the other half of the space will now be his “bedroom,” to my knees and fifty-one year old back not remembering why I started getting rid of so many books a few years back, and it was not just because of the invention of the Kindle! By the by, the Kindle has now been declared bad. By bad, I mean that the Main Stream Media has decided that the device is both “uncool” and environmentally unfriendly. I’m serious. You can READ IT HERE

Anyway, back to the goal at hand,  which is twofold. First, I need a space that I can insulate and turn into a good recording studio so that podcasts and eventually my idea for an internet based station can have a place to operate. Short of winning the lottery and buying a building, this is going to have to do for the time being. Of course the drawback is that I have to do it with my mechanical and design skills. So it may take a week or two to get’er’ done, as they say.

Secondly, we want to establish a bedroom for Ben. For four years he’s been in our bedroom, albeit with his own bed. Not that he uses it. Like I said, when he found out tonight that he was soon going to have his “own bedroom,” he melted down again. He’s been sick all day, so he’s pretty clingy, but this pushed him over the edge into the “I want to snuggle with you guys” mode. It’s fine n nights when Cami works, but otherwise, it’s becoming quite the inconvenience.

It’s going to take a few days I think, assuming that I even maintain a good work ethic and really knock it all out. But when it’s done, I’ll have that space that will allow me to move my equipment that I collected back in the old Coby Gill and the Slippery Fish Band days (2000-2007) and set up a first class, if older technology, studio. My long range plan is to launch an actual talk radio show/station, featuring various shows and on demand content. I have a business plan and even an investor, if I ever get to the point where I am ready to pull the trigger and don’t have to go to work from nine-to-five and pay some bills.

I guess the bigger question is how the heck did I get all of these books? I mean, I know that I love books and all, and I remember the days when I used to know where every single one of them was located and had read most of them. Now I am pulling books out of crevices that I have no clue as to why I would ever have even been interested in the subject matter in the first place. I can’t remember why I bought them, although I am sure that once upon a time there had to be a reason.

I used to buy books to have against the day when I had copious free time, such as retirement or, as it were, unemployment. But now that I have achieved one of those, all I want to do is get them out of the way and start recording shows again. Everything that I want to actually read is on my Kindle, and while there are reference books that provide good hard copies of things that I need, I am becoming convinced that the fiction and lighter stuff can pretty much be removed without effecting my daily life. Especially since bookcase after bookcase stuffed and bulging full of books no longer serves to impress the woman in my life. She knows I read, so I don’t need to show it anymore.


The soon to be ex-TV

So I am off to work some more. Today I get to move the giant ancient (1991) TV that hasn’t worked since 2006 but I kept lugging around “in case I need it” until the day (today) when technology has so passed it by that really, smashing it with my Stanley Wrecking tool would actually be too good for it.  So it will sit in the garage until I can find an eWaste place to put it finally out of its misery.


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