Unemployment Begins

So it’s been a week since I quit my job as a Talk Radio Show Host. There were reasons why I quit that would be pretty obvious to anybody who has ever worked at a creative enterprise managed by disconnected and micro-management folks. Needless to say, it’s been an odd week, with moments of great stress and moments that feel like I dumped an 800lbs gorilla off my back. Its weird, since technically today is my first day unemployed. I have never been unemployed before, and frankly, it’s a weird feeling.

10628240_10205769696631766_511544609929551225_nI had originally decided that I was going to spend “a few weeks” – however that is defined – going Mr. Mom, which would be great. Ben and I have spent the time doing things like going to Kanga Zoom, getting haircuts, and even going to Wendy’s to get chocolate Frosty’s.

I have a couple of writing projects and a home office/studio to get set up so that some projects, like CONSTITUTION THURSDAY can continue. I have been asked by some to do a regular podcast, and I have a plan for a few months from now to go into business for myself. But for now, I am going to actually relax a bit.

Today Ben is down sick with a fever, and stayed home from school. He’s watching Boj and Astroblast, while I cluck over him and get him whatever he needs. I keep working on my blogs and websites, which I intend to keep going, and I keep getting distracted by the brownies my wife made the other day.

I watch news and read the papers, and now I have time to concentrate on amusing things that never would have been allowed to be topics on the show, like the 400+lbs “to-fat-to-work-guy who’s 5th wife has accused him of cheating on her, and she cannot figure out what any of them saw in him to begin with.

Or, the tweet that once-famous Cher sent out last week about the Charlie Hedbo attack, which you have to see to believe, so here it is:

Cher Tweet

Already I am getting feelers, requests for my resume and vague promises to return me to the work world. I gotta be honest, I’m not ready… yet.


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  1. I don’t know why, but I read your blog more often now that you are not on the radio. I am glad that you are still doing that.

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  2. I’ve been catching up on the blog too. I always thought that the best radio episodes were the ones where I felt like I was listening to a friend share about himself, not a pundit pontificating. Change comes so quickly. I hope that the upheaval with your job and Cami’s job at the same time isn’t too hard on your family. I’ve been unemployed and self employed, and it’s always hard.
    Enjoy a break while you can, and congratulations on the job interest already.

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