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Not to put to fine a point on the matter, but when I was in High School and on into the Navy, I was a Wargamer.

Along with my best friends, Lee, Mike and Mick, we recreated every major battle and war you can name, and even a few imaginary ones. We even had our own FRPG that involved a Wizard who was to teach us our needed skills who had a bladder control problem. It’s a long story, and basically it involved the fact that we thought ourselves “too cool for school,” as it were. We did learn a valuable lesson, but frankly I have forgotten whether it dealt with the fact that he (the wizard) managed to take a leak on all of us while laughing at us or whether or not we ever got our revenge. Which now that I am in my 50’s with the standard issue enlarged prostate I am uncertain that I would be able to help much if we ever did decide to take him on again.

Anyway, back to my point which was not to demonstrate once again how much of a nerd and geek I was at Ogden High School from 1979-1981, but that I still have a trunk full of these games which, despite the prices that some of them fetch on eBay (example), I cannot bring myself to part with because (wait for it…) the last time we were all together (circa 1984?) we had a long discussion about “getting together” in the future, renting a big hotel room and spending a vacation playing all of our old favorites.

So naturally, I have to keep them all. Read the rest of this entry

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