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The story of grandchildren of Holocaust survivors getting tattooed was one of those that I approached rather cautiously at first. Whether you approve of tattoos or not (and for the record, I don’t) the survivor tattoos are different. They aren’t so much “body art” as they are a mark of… not honor, not even of something special. They are a mark of survival in the face of pure evil. An evil that my generation has never faced.

That’s really the crux of the matter. The reason some young people are getting these tattoos is because they know nothing of the Holocaust. As one said, “It’s like the Exodus to us.” Something that happened, but of which they were not really a part. Read the rest of this entry


First and Last

So the first day of 2014 is the last day of my vacation. The great thing about this time off has been that Ben and I have spent so much time together having fun, sharing the events of the Holidays and just flat out playing.

I think that he knows that it’s almost over, this morning it was as if he was trying to pack every game we’ve played into the morning. I started writing down all the things he was asking me to be and I kept saying, “No, I’m just your Daddy.”

About ten minutes before Cami got home and just as the Parade was ending, he climbed up in my lap and said, “You’re my Daddy.”


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