Hot Rock Live Music

I grew up in he 1970’s so I like the eras rock-n-roll music despite my parents deliberate attempt to direct my musical tastes elsewhere. In 1979 they purchased for me a “hi-fi” stereo player – which today would be a record player with two speakers – and a record alum that they weren’t sure what was but they knew that it wasn’t The Beatles. So they figured it must have been okay. Even if they didn’t know exactly who the Rolling Stones were, but they must have figured that they would gather no moss.

Anyway, through the years I grew to like some bands, and not so much like others. It wasn’t that I didn’t like them, per se, I just didn’t get into them the way most of my generation did. I am thinking specifically of Led Zeppelin and Lynard Skynard. Both had individual songs and even albums that I liked, but I didn’t “love” them the way I do the Stones and later Pink Floyd.

I was introduced to Floyd by my cousins, Mike and Rob(b), with The Wall and later MTV (which actually used to play music) and really, I just dig Floyd. I actually bought tickets to see Pink Floyd in Atlanta, but I was so sick the night of the concert that I ended up not going. Nobody I knew wanted the tickets, so they went to waste for what I heard later was a fantastic show as the low clouds and even a bit of fog made the laser show really work.

But I have come to a conclusion, and that is that some bands are “studio bands” and some are live bands. I have several Pink Floyd Albums and without exception, the live albums are better.

As for the Stones,  I still love the old Hot Rocks album of my youth, which long ago migrated to iTunes and MP3’s. I really enjoyed 1994’s Voodoo Lounge – which was the last good Stones album. As good as the greatest rock-n-roll band ever is in the studio, the live albums don’t hold a candle to Pink Floyd’s live albums.

Which I reminded myself today as I drove home to “Comfortably Numb blasting through my wife’s car stereo (which she hates when I do). Kinda like the stones used to do in my bedroom. Which my parents hated.


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