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The “E-Team”

Battle_EI was going through some boxes and I came across this, the citation for the Sip’s Battle “E” Award in 1986. Yes, this was the era of the Captain B***s***k “Battle E homage to the “A-Team” TV Show. But we did work pretty hard.

It was also around the time we convinced Captain B***s***k that the missile fizzle drills were “not possible” as scenarios. Followed, of course, by that damn Soviet Yankee boat managing to blow up a missile in the tube and not (immediately) sink itself. So much for that training plan change.

And it was shortly before the 31st of October, 1986, at 1725 when we had just finished my first ever Mongolian BBQ dish.



Hot Rock Live Music

I grew up in he 1970’s so I like the eras rock-n-roll music despite my parents deliberate attempt to direct my musical tastes elsewhere. In 1979 they purchased for me a “hi-fi” stereo player – which today would be a record player with two speakers – and a record alum that they weren’t sure what was but they knew that it wasn’t The Beatles. So they figured it must have been okay. Even if they didn’t know exactly who the Rolling Stones were, but they must have figured that they would gather no moss.

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