Carrying the Spank

Just a couple of observations from the last few days.

First, Ben has become something of a discipline problem. Not in the bad behavior way, he just won’t take anything seriously. When we try to correct him or have him do something important (pick up his toys), he thinks its a game and proceeds to laugh and throw the toys at us. The “Time Outs” seem to work, and usually after them he does the task at hand and apologizes (usually without prompting). But every now and then he really digs in his heels and throws a fit. Yesterday he even hit my glasses, which is, of course, a big potential problem.

I actually felt yesterday that he was getting out of hand and needed to be instantly corrected which is what led to the spank. Just a single spank, open handed on his butt and not out of anger which got his attention and started us down the road of contrition and correction. But it felt very odd. I think that I finally understood the whole “this is gonna hurt me a lot more than it hurts you” canard that I always hated. It really left me feeling odd and while I did the right thing and got his attitude and actions turned around, I couldn’t help but feel like we had crossed a Rubicon in the discipline world.

Second, Ben has reached the point in life (3 years old) where he can demand to be carried and get away with it. We went for a walk along the bike path next to the Rail Road tracks this morning, and it was clear as we reached the half-way mark that he was going to make me carry him.

“Daddy, carry me,” he said.

“Why? I asked naively.

“Because you have to…”

So, I did… because I have to…


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  1. Dave Enjoy the trip, the trip of life , just remember the smile mom and dad always had? you know why? because they knew someday you would have your own and only than would you understand how smart mom and dad really are. Just stand your ground he will understand


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