Ants Are Fascinating…

Ben being fascinated by the Ants

Ben being fascinated by the Ants

I suppose that I could take the time to wax poetically about the picture, but the simple way is to just say that Ben is fascinated by ants. I am not certain as to why, although in my younger days I certainly spent a good deal of time just looking at ants and imagining that I was one of them. I never had one of those “Ant Farm” thingees, but now I wonder if I missed out on something?

When I went to look them up online I found that are fairly cheap, but then again, it’s basically a box, for ants. Like I said, I never had one as a kid, and I think that if any Parent, Grandparent, Aunt/Uncle/Cousin or sibling had ever given me one as a gift I would probably have tried to pretend that it was no big deal. But I also know that I would have been… well… fascinated by them.


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