Jack Dodger Bowman

Back in December of 2006 some person who had no heart left a box along side a country road near Modesto with some puppies in it. A few weeks later, the dogs, rescued by the SPCA were playing and running about as I sat in a chair at the SPCA office and watched them, tying to figure out which one would be good for me.

One of them, the only one that clearly was not of the same litter, a little Jack Russell Schnauzer mixed mutt seemed to be avoided by the exuberant puppies in the main group, and he made his way over to the chair, put his paws on my leg and looked up at me with a smile. I still watched for another few minutes, but already the choice was made.

For the record, I named him Jack not because of his breed, but because I am a Sailor.

For seven years, Jack has been the constant in my life. Though changes and moves and bad times and good, Jack has always been there.

When Ben came along, Jack took it upon himself to watch over him. One of my favorite pictures is Ben sleeping with Jack keeping an eye on him. Once they played in the crib together, although I am pretty sure that Ben enjoyed that far more than Jack.

Along the way, as you mostly know, Ben developed severe eczema, which has defied all efforts at treatment and cures. In desperation we sent Jack to stay with my folks in Tehachapi for two weeks to see if anything changed.

It did. Ben’s skin cleared up, he slept well and was getting better and better every day. Within a couple of days of Jack’s return, Ben is broken out all over in a rash, scratching like mad, bleeding and and in horrible pain again.

Jack Dodger Bowman – Official Portrait

Over the next few days I will have to find a new home for Jack. He is simply put, the best dog ever. He is 100% house trained, indoor dog who loves to play and run around. He is quiet, although he does like to sing if you encourage him. He gets along with most other dogs. He is, of course, fixed. He has some odd, un-doglike eating habits. He is not a quick eater, he likes to enjoy his food, one kibble at a time. He likes human food more than doggie food, and his favorite thing is cheese.

My parents have two dogs already, along with about a dozen cats, so on a permanent basis that’s not really an option. I haven’t really decided whether I want to find him a place where I never see him again or where I can see him on occasions. I want him to be happy and have a good home, and while I wish it could be with me, it really cannot be as it would probably cause Ben to be even more sick.

It makes me very saddened, but I also know that I have to find him a place to go away from Ben, who is probably the only person for whom I would ever even consider giving up Jack.

So if you have any ideas, or know a really good home looking for a great dog, drop me a line. I’ll give them all the best consideration and do what I think is best for Jack, and I hope for me.

Either way, it will be best for Ben.


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  1. If I could take Jack I would but I don’t have a yard for him to play in.

    This is a sign of a truly great and loving dad……..


  2. I wish we could take him!


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