Lesson #547 I Have Learned Since Becoming A Father at 47


Toys are an occupational hazard of being a dad. From stepping on small cars in the middle of the night, to tripping over the riding toy, falling into the rocking chair and then onto the train track and trains, in the process receiving a massive abrasion to the left leg and spraining the right wrist, toys are one of the joys of being a dad. Truth is that some of these toys are stuff that I wish that I could play with and not look weird, because frankly, they are pretty cool little toys.

I try to keep them pretty low on the price scale. To a two year old what does it matter if a toy truck costs $20 or $2? And he has a blast playing with all his cars and trains and balls and he loves his books.

Then came the morning he found the leaf. Just an old dried up dead leaf that blew in the front door when we were trying to get inside on a cold November morning. Ben picked it up, with excitement and thrill. He threw it into the air and then blew towards it. When it landed, he handed it to Cami and said, “Mommy, throw the leaf!”

For the next few minutes the three of us took turns blowing the leaf up in the air and watching it fall back down, twisting and turning in convoluted and amazing patterns. Ben laughed and smiled and each time it landed he handed it back to me and said, “Do it again, daddy.”

So what makes a good toy? Cost? Colours? Size? Complexity? Or something much simpler?

For the better part of half and hour Ben was completely entertained and enthralled by a leaf.

And so was I.


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  1. …don’t forget wrapping paper and boxes….. My kids loved a few different things that I made for them with very inexpenisve components. Took a liter bottle, added put in oil, water, food coloring, glitter, beads and lots of other fun things that would float in the mix. Added duct tape to the lid and Voila! Kept little ones enthralled for long periods of time. How a drumset of pots n pans with the and lids suspended from the ceiling by fishing line? LOL! I think it is what you teach them and the value you place on that which is simple.


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