James K. Polk, 11th President & Napoleon of the Stump

The other day on the show we were having a discussion of “Best & Worst” Presidents and I mentioned that I was leaning towards James K. Polk as my choice for “worst.” I pontificated that his failure to act during the Secession Crises of 1859 and 60 led to the Civil War and the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

And, of course, as I am certain that you already know, I meant James Buchannan.

But I kept on saying “James K. Polk,” over and again, because that’s what happens when you talk for a living and get a word or phrase stuck in your hippocampus. It becomes a word “crutch” and gets used until people want to bitchslap you if you say it again. Even to the point where I want to bitchslap myself if I do it again.

And, again, just for the record, I meant “James Buchannan,” not “James K. Polk.” (Neither of whom, sadly, have appeared in or been referenced to in an episode of Star Trek)

Also, I meant North Vietnam, not North Korea.

And Also I know that 50% of 26 is 18. I forgot to subtract the 23% for under 18.

Lastly I know that 18 is actually 50% of 36, not 26.



<–I Meant This Guy, Not That Guy –>

James K. Polk – The Napoleon of the Stump!


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