Election Day

At long last the day has arrived and America makes it’s choices. Some might feel relief about it, I am not one of them, but at the same time I know that the one season that NEVER ends in America is the Political Season.

Starting tomorrow about half the country will be angry and/or depressed while the other half will talk about mandates and looking ahead to a brighter day. Then the speculation will begin and within a year, we’ll be talking hot and heavy about the 2016 election. And I am okay with that.

Go Vote.

So let’s talk about the “My vote is wasted” nonsense. Frankly I cannot believe that I have to explain this, but ANYBODY who claims that their vote is “wasted” is being foolish. No vote is ever wasted (okay, no vote on an actual candidate anyway, although even a vote for Mickey Mouse is a protest vote). Your vote might go for a losing cause or candidate, but it is NOT wasted. I am so tired of people who whine about losing. I’ll tell you something that I learned in my days as a head football coach – if you’re losing, and particularly if you know in advance you’re going to lose, you are doing it wrong. Change what you are doing. Plan to win. It’s okay to plan long term, learn to be competitive, try new things and tactics. But if you are planning to lose, you’re doing it wrong.

Not to mention this little important factoid – the entire reason that our system of electing a President exists in the first place is to allow and ENCOURAGE you to vote your conscience even if your candidate is a small time 3rd Party wing nut with no real chance of victory. In other words, whether you like it or not, a whole lot of Americans fought, bled, sweated and even died to give you this system so that you could make your voice HEARD even if you don’t prevail. It was never meant for every voice to prevail. It WAS meant for every voice to be heard. When you don’t vote because you decided it doesn’t count, you don’t get heard. You fail in the very purpose of the election.

When you whine “My vote doesn’t count,” you are spitting on the graves and work of those who did that for you.

Lastly then, if you don’t like the Electoral College system, then it’s a VERY simple process to change it. In fact, it’s only ninety words long (compare THAT to Obamacare (He loves that name!) or the tax code). Get Congress to pass the Amendment, the President to sign it and three-quarters of the States to ratify it. Presto, you’ve got pure democracy.

Of course, you might want to study your Vulcan philosophy again.

“After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasurable a thing after all as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true.”


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  1. Time to activate some UFedPlanets politic going, get beyond party politics and winning/losing. Me from Canada so do not construe as critique of US politics. In Canada we are also mired in this Grits/Tories dynamic that really is divisive. Thanks for the posts.


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