Halloween Is Better…

For most of my adult life I have pretty much not been a fan of Halloween. From almost being blown to bits on one of them (1986) to buying a butt load of candy to have precisely zero Trick or Treater’s show up, it got to be a drag and I really didn’t enjoy it at all. Toss out one good year when I was dating a gal who was, how should I say this? Oh yeah, she was really into Halloween. Otherwise it was a night that I usually tried to have somewhere else to be to avoid the whole thing.

Ben’s First Halloween (2010), one of my favorite pictures of him

But now I have a two year old for whom the whole world is a new adventure every day. Obviously he’s had two Halloweens already, but he wasn’t old enough to even know it on the first, and on the second he could barely walk, plus both Mom and I ended up having to work.

So this year is the first time he’s really been aware of it, really started to talk about it and understand that something special and different is going on. We decided to not go Trick or Treating with him this year, but to stay home and hand out candy, letting him see the costumes and give out the candy.

At first he wasn’t sure, but by the third group he is ToTaLly into it… Halloween is way more fun with a kid than without one…


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  1. Children teach us the fun of celebrations, unhibited, non-judgemental fun. 🙂


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