Coffee: Today and In the 23rd Century

Have I mentioned lately that I love coffee?

My Morning Coffee (in my beloved Stockton Ports mug)

I am not one of those coffee snobs who have to have a certain brand or a special blend or only drink it from a certain place, frankly I like Starbucks but only because it is ubiquitous. I can just as easily drink a McDonalds cup as a cup of Starbucks Komodo blend (my absolute favorite) as I can go downtown in Modesto and stop by the local place, the Serrano Social Club and enjoy the coffee there.

The bigger point is though, I do not like coffee “drinks,” I like coffee.

Put anything in it and it is no longer coffee, it is some form of coffee flavored over sweetened “drink” that allows people to convince themselves that they are “drinking” coffee without having to do any of the work for it.

Don’t worry, I have the same opinion of tequila. While I do enjoy a margarita, the best way to enjoy tequila is by itself.

Anyway, back to coffee… Ben has this thing where he HAS to be the one who throws the switch on the Mr. Coffee in the morning. He calls it “making the coffee” and he thinks that he’s really taking care of Daddy. He even likes to pretend to take a drink from my mug, although the one time he actually got some he reacted quite… strongly…

Yeoman Janice makes coffee!

Of course the great thing is that in the 23rd Century not much has changed when it comes to making and enjoying coffee, as long as Tribbles haven’t gotten into it anyway. Yeoman Rand still makes it – even when the galley power is out and she has to use a hand phaser, “Zap!” Hot Coffee!” – and delivers it to the Bridge in Styrofoam cups.

Ahh… hot coffee


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  1. Ahhh coffee, how we love thee!


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