The Doctors Rant – Chevy Volt

The Chevy Volt is what it is – a nice piece of technology – but it is NOT the “green,” environment saving, no-gas-using panacea it is advertised as being in silly commercials where the guy uses the gas station restroom (as if anybody would do that) and doesn’t buy gas. In point of fact – as we have discussed – having one all but requires you to install a 220volt circuit in your home for charging. According to the owners manual you cannot use an extension cord and it will only go about 30 miles on a full charge (if you can get one). Meaning to do anything useful with it you WILL use gasoline, at which point it becomes a very heavy and a very average mpg car. That’s before we even begin to look at its maintenance costs. I have said, and I still say that as a car, I like it. As so-called “green technology,” it is an abysmal failure.

It also loses $50,000 on EACH car sold. You read that correctly. Each Volt is sold at a loss. And since GM is owned by us, we are losing that money. Now you may have heard that recently Volt sales hit record highs, which is true. What you did not read is that the record setting sales were due to a mass buy by the Department of Defense, meaning that one Government Department bought the Volts from another Government department AT A LOSS. Since Volts naturally cost more than a typical Government sedan, we are both paying more for the car to begin with and losing money on it on the sale to ourselves.

And to top it all off, 2/3rd’s of the “record sales” weren’t “sales” at all, they were two year leases, at $250 down/$199 a month. Meaning that for just over $5000 you can rent-a-Volt for two years from the Government.

I am all for dual-drive technology, and I have driven the Volt. I like it AS A CAR. As the be-all-end-all solution for global warming and for GM? There is not a chance in hell of it successfully being either. Period.


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